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Graduate in Foreign Civilizations, Literature and Language in English, and after many years managing project in the fields of Consulting, Talent Management and Training, I passionately dedicate my time to translation, writing, proofreading, and consulting.

​Here is in a few sentences what these activities represent to me:

​Translation is the expression of an idea; it allows a transposition where language only isn’t enough. Translation carries a form of cultural, social, and technical DNA and operates a transcendence of concepts, ideas, and values. Translating is giving others the keys to be understood, heard, listened, read.

​Writing requires the mind to formalise, structure itself and work, it is the accountant’s calculator, the HR’s competency framework. It is the mean, the media, the way. Writing relies on the use of consciousness and willingness all while dreaming and imagining.

​Proofreading is a form of agility; it combines paying attention and being curious. It is also a quest for perfection and justness, proofreading brings a demanding final look on the statements and intentions.

​Finally, Consulting is a way to bring together translation, writing and proofreading. It is about letting others find their own tools to transpose their ideas, their wishes into actions and words and reach the full extent of their intentions. It is about accompanying toward success, whether professional or personal.

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