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France: Canal+ declares war on TF1

Translated from French to English

March 6th, 2018

In conflict with TF1 for the past eighteen months, Canal+ has decided to switch off the broadcast of the channels aired by the TF1 group: TF1, TMC, TFX and TF1 Séries Films. This conflict roots in the effort of TF1 to charge the operators of its free TNT channels (free TV network) through their transmitters. Among the targets of the TF1 CEO, Gilles Pélisson, are Canal +, Orange and Free.

Facing this conclusion, the management of the TV channel has protested and used its offering of the Premium TF1 pack to those operators to justify its position. On Canal+’ side, management justifies its decision by the fact that TF1 and its channels “occupy national frequencies of the public domain that were given to them freely”. It points out the “unreasonable and unjustified financial demands of the TF1 group, with unilaterally imposed conditions and agenda”. The Bolloré Group (Canal +) sees there an effort to discriminate the viewers based on their TV reception modes.

Operator Orange has, in turn, threatened to switch off the broadcast of the free channels aired by TF1.


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